Can I really use these spoons in the kitchen?

Yes, they are all treated with food grade oils and waxes, so stick em in a salad, and get tossing!


How Do I clean out the birdhouse in the fall?

Funny thing is, you probably dont have too, most birds that I know, and i know like 3 of them, clean out the house themselves in the spring, its part of the "hey ladies, look what a skilled man-bird i am, wanna come over?"


This thing you made is busted...  how am I supposed to fix this?

Well, bring it back, and i will fix it. Or ship it back, and i will fix it.  Or fix it yourself, and i will feel guilty.


Do you take requests?

Of course I do, you should hear my Elvis version of Suspicious Minds.


Sed posuere consectetur est at lobortis?

I dont know Latin, but I know KA RAZY!!!